CSDI Corporate Partnership Program

Financial Support is essential to sustaining units and programs designed to engage students, and set strategies that affect academic success, provide enrichment activities, and increase personal development.

Center for Student Diversity, and Inclusion Corporate Partner Program

The Center for Student Diversity, and Inclusion, or CSDI, welcomes donations from corporations, foundations and individuals. These financial contributions provide vital resources to assist our student body in several ways. These donations offer essential support for students served by the Center for Student Diversity, and Inclusion. Academic programming, and an enhanced learning environment are some of the principal ways that these monies are used to provide students with opportunities that are essential to their academic and professional success in today's constantly-changing, educational and corporate environments.

The purpose of the CSDI Corporate Partner Program is to financially support CSDI’s student programs and initiatives for African-American, Latinx, Native American, and Multi-Racial students. These initiatives help students amplify their impact by being champion innovators who lead by example.

Participating companies can champion their commitment to diversity efforts and academic excellence through their support of CSDI. Students connect Corporate Partners' and Sponsors' brands with CSDI and are provided with a direct avenue to scholarship, internship, co-op, and full-time opportunities.

The CSDI Corporate Partner Program provides direct access to the minority student population at Georgia Tech. CSDI provides corporate sponsors with a high-level of visibility on our website, within our offices, and through our formal and informal communication with students.

CSDI also assists with managing corporate sponsorship of African-American and Latinx student organizations.

Corporate Partners attend and help sponsor OMED’s Tower Awards, an annual ceremony designed to recognize and reaffirm students’ academic achievements. During this event, companies are highlighted for their support and can interact with faculty, staff, students, and their families.

CSDI works with local, national, and international corporations to obtain support for our programs. Our various levels of sponsorship are outlined here.



Partner Level


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yellow deer running with the words john deere      Procter and Gamble


Sponsor Level

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Supporter Level


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CSDI Executive Director Fund 


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